Points of Ponderation…..Episode 2.19

A semi-regular attempt to address some of life’s minutiae that might otherwise be overlooked…..       You may have heard about Operation Varsity Blues, the cheating scandal that’s been in the news lately in which dozens of well-to-do parents are charged with bribing ostensibly prestigious universities to admit their children. Two relatively prominent names… Read More Points of Ponderation…..Episode 2.19

The Undeniable Appeal of Donald Trump – Part Deux

I was wrong.   Exactly one year…to the day…that I wrote “Have no fear Trump haters…he won’t be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. Republicans will choose someone much safer & more prosaic. Your nightmare will be over soon enough” Donald J. Trump officially received the Republican nomination.   Wait!! There’s more!!… Read More The Undeniable Appeal of Donald Trump – Part Deux