2017 Pigskin Picks of Profundity…..Week 5


I’m going to be honest…I wasn’t sure if we were even going to continue these picks. I was so disgusted by all of the controversy surrounding football last weekend that my fandom took a serious hit. I even gave thoughtful consideration to leaving all of my fantasy leagues, though I ultimately decided that course of action would be disrespectful to fellow team owners. I have so many thoughts & opinions about the whole mess, but I don’t know if I’ll ever express them in this space or anywhere else. Why add to the strife?? I spent 2 days being depressed & angry about what our country has become, and quite frankly I’m tired of being miserable. It’s not worth the price. No one cares what I think anyway. I still don’t know what I’ll be doing Sunday afternoon, but for now we’ll forge ahead with our picks as usual.

My Season:        13-11

Z’s Season:        12-11






USC (-3.5)           at      Washington State

The Trojans were my pre-season #1 team, and I even said “if any big time powerhouse has a legit chance to go undefeated this is the one”. So I’ll admit I was sweating out that overtime thriller versus Texas. Fortunately Southern Cal pulled off a victory, so I still have an opportunity to look like a genius. The Cougars are also 4-0, and it took them three OTs to get past Boise St. a few weeks ago, so like their opponents they’re no stranger to exciting finishes. This is a Friday night contest, which mean I’ll be at work when it kicks off at 10:30pm and if it’s an average-slow night I will be able to catch most of the action on TV so I’m pretty psyched about that. I just think USC is the better team here. It might be competitive & watchable, but we’ll see the cream rise in the 4th quarter. Zach, on the other hand, foresees some key mistakes by USC leading to their demise in a mildly surprising upset.

My Pick:     USC

Z’s Pick:     Washington St.




Baylor                 at      Kansas State (-17)

The 0-4 Bears darn near pulled off a shocker last weekend versus the Oklahoma Sooners, but…well…they didn’t. Close doesn’t count (except in Vegas). Meanwhile, the 2-1 Wildcats could only score seven points last week in a loss to Vanderbilt. I am intrigued by the points. K-St. has the home field and is clearly the better team, plus there might be a train of thought that Baylor…ummmm…shot their wad…against the Sooners. The Vibes are telling me that this’ll be right on the line, but I’m going to take a chance that Baylor only loses by 14 or 15 points. Zach concurs.

My Pick:     Baylor

Z’s Pick:     Baylor




Clemson (-7)      at      Virginia Tech

I seriously thought that Clemson would fall outside the Top 10 this season. That still may happen, but thus far they’ve looked every bit the championship team in winning their first four games. Tech ain’t bad either, though outside of the season opener against my WV Mountaineers they haven’t played anyone notable. This game is in Blacksburg but I don’t think it makes that much of a difference. I’m sure it’ll be a fun contest, but the touchdown point spread isn’t going to scare anybody into taking the Hokies. Conversely, Zach thinks the always formidable Hokie defense will give Clemson fits and that their young quarterback will rise to the occasion.

My Pick:     Clemson

Z’s Pick:     Virginia Tech




Tennessee (-1.5)        at      Houston

The Titans currently sit atop the AFC South while the Texans occupy the cellar, but we’re only three games into the season so it’s way too early to really know much. I have been impressed with Houston rookie QB Deshaun Watson and am considering starting him in my dynasty league. I can’t really get a good read on either of these teams so this game could go either way. Tennessee is probably the more complete team right now, but I’m going to put my faith in Watson putting up some big numbers and pulling off the upset. Zach thinks Tennessee is simply better and will prove it.

My Pick:     Houston

Z’s Pick:     Tennessee




Philadelphia      at      LA Chargers (-1.5)

The Chargers are 0-3 but have been competitive in all three games (their rookie kicker has failed them twice with the game on the line). Theoretically they shouldn’t be favored even with the home field, but that’s an indicator that no one is that impressed with the 2-1 Eagles. I’m really not sure where to go with this one, but I happen to like Philly’s young QB Carson Wentz, who I believe will grow into one of the league’s better signal callers as the team is built around him. They’re probably not going to be a playoff contender for another year or two, but I think the Eagles win this game. Zach agrees.

My Pick:     Philadelphia

Z’s Pick:     Philadelphia

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