Points of Ponderation…..Episode 13.17

A semi-regular attempt to address some of life’s minutiae that might otherwise be overlooked…..






I have a comfortable detachment from the idiocy that happens in the Hollywood community. Entertain me and I am generally willing to overlook whatever kind of stupidity they spew, which is why I’ve stopped watching late night television…they stopped being entertaining & crossed the line with their propaganda. Anyway, I’ve listened with some bemusement to all this Harvey Weinstein hullabaloo. I’m not sure why anyone is so surprised. We’ve all heard about the “casting couch” for decades, but somehow it’s supposed to shock me that the CEO of a movie studio was engaging in such activities instead of some low level producer or director?? I’m not the least bit astonished. What is funny…in an aggravating sort of way…is watching all of these morally bankrupt celebrities feign surprise and try to cover their ass. Come on folks…you play dress up & pretend for a living, yet you’re such terrible liars. I’m not really sure about fate, kismet, & all that jazz, but the irony that all of this is coming to light after so many folks out in Hollywood have aggressively condemned President Trump for his faults the past couple of years exposes their total hypocrisy.



So we just “celebrated” Columbus Day recently. The term celebration is used hesitantly because all it means in reality is that government offices are closed, so I’m glad the friendly neighborhood mail carrier atleast got to enjoy a day off. The United States first recognized the holiday in 1937, and it is actually celebrated in other places like Argentina, Venezuela, The Bahamas, Spain, & even Italy. The states of Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, South Dakota, & Vermont don’t recognize Columbus Day, although a couple of those states celebrate an alternative called Discoverer’s Day, and a growing number of localities in wussified blue state America are promoting Indigenous People’s Day. This all stems from folks being all bent out of shape because Christopher Columbus was allegedly mean to peaceful & friendly Indians. Oops…I’m sorry…Native Americans. At any rate, this “controversy” got me to thinking. If we are going to rebrand holidays in an effort not to offend anyone by diminishing the accomplishments of imperfect people with a few skeletons in their closet why not go all in?? Since I am a solutions oriented guy allow me to offer some suggestions:


Dick Clark Appreciation Day. New Year’s Eve/Day is insulting to the old year that may have done nothing wrong.



#BlackLivesMatter Day. Sorry Martin Luther King, Jr…time to add some zest to this holiday.




We’re Sick of Winter Day. It is unfair to celebrate the groundhog above any other rodents. Plus, the supposed power to predict the weather is offensive to meteorologists.



Public Servants Day. Some of those mean Presidents owned slaves, raised taxes, & cheated on their wives. Abraham Lincoln was tall & lanky, which might offend fat people. Plus…Donald Trump!! Besides, why should Presidents get all the glory?? Big Government has a lot of moving parts that demand respect.


Candy & Flowers Day. Saint Valentine was…shhhh…a Christian. We can’t have that.





Bunnies & Eggs Day. Risen Savior?? Oh no…we can’t celebrate that!!




Irish Heritage Day. The same thought process applied to Saint Valentine must be used for Saint Patrick.




Stars Wars Day. Disney agrees to pay for President Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall, and in exchange Cinco de Mayo fades away into the sunset. May the Fourth be with you.




Decoration Day. Actually this was the original name for Memorial Day, and we’re going back to it because decorations are fun!!



Parents’ Day. Mother’s Day & Father’s Day may offend the transgender community.




July 4th. I suppose we kind of have this one covered already, don’t we?? We don’t want to offend the British, we just want to get drunk & blow stuff up.




Union Strong Day. Labor Omnia Vincit!!




Pumpkin Spice Day. Hey, it already dominates everything in the autumn. Besides, Halloween has pagan origins and it’s scary.



Santa Claus Day. We can rid ourselves of the pretense and stop offending non-Christians. Everybody wins. Well…almost everybody.





Since it’s not really a sports story, allow me to use this space to comment on Vice President Pence’s recent attendance at an Indianapolis Colts football game. Pence is a native of Indiana and a lifelong Colts fan, and I assume that part of the plan…in theory…was to be present as former quarterback Peyton Manning got inducted into the Colts Wall of Honor or whatever they call it there. At any rate, after several members of the San Francisco 49ers kneeled during the national anthem the Vice President and his entourage made a big show of leaving the stadium immediately in disagreement with the protest. I respect Pence and, like many people who voted for that particular duo in the election, count on him to provide political experience and a voice of reason to balance out Donald Trump’s…occasionally inappropriate instincts. However, this thing was nothing but a publicity stunt. He had to know that there would be kneeling. Surely he has been paying attention as the uproar over these anthem protests reached a fever pitch not long ago. And even though the furor has calmed just a bit it is an ongoing issue. I feel the same about the situation as I do about most everything else…if it doesn’t affect me I don’t pay too much attention. But just like those late night shows that began infringing on my relaxation time with their political venom, this little photo op by VP Pence involved me (and y’all) by using taxpayer money for a completely unnecessary temper tantrum. I’ve seen some pretty big dollar figures thrown around as far as how much the stop in Indiana cost, and I would have rather seen that money used in just about any other way.



There are approximately 30,000 gun related deaths per year in the United States. Our population is about 300 million. So about .0001% die as a result of guns. But let’s break it down even further: 65% of that 30,000 are suicides. 15% are self-defense/in the line of duty situations by law enforcement. 3% are accidental discharge deaths. That leaves 17%, or 5100 deaths due to “gun violence”…criminal activity, gang wars, drug activity, & mentally ill people committing murder. Of those 5100 deaths from gun violence about 25% occur in four major metro areas: Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, & Detroit…all of which already have strict gun control laws since the powers-that-be have mostly been leftists. Oh, speaking of which…23% of gun violence occurs in the state of California. Now I grant you…it’s a big state. But one cannot deny that it too…like those other areas…is run by liberals and has super tough gun laws. So essentially half of true gun violence in America happens in four big cities and one large state, all of which share similar political ideology and already have the most strident gun laws. Let’s also look at the fact that, in comparison to the 5100 deaths due to actual gun violence there are 40,000 drug overdoses, 36,000 people die from the flu, & there are 34,000 traffic fatalities annually. And in case you’re wondering…heart disease is responsible for over 700,000 deaths each year, yet no one is suggesting we ban fast food restaurants. Remember these numbers the next time you hear a politician or “journalist” say gun control is about saving lives, and understand that the truth is hiding in plain sight…it’s the word “control”.





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