The State of the Manofesto 2016

Greetings Manoverse. You may have noticed a hiatus of about 2 months.

No Sammy Awards.

No Sammy Claus Wish List or other ponderings about Christmas.

An abrupt end to the Pigskin Picks of Profundity & no college football bowl picks.

This radio silence was brought about by a health crisis that landed me in the hospital for over a month and then in a rehab facility for several weeks. During that time I not only didn’t have the yearning to write, but it would have been rather difficult from a practical point of view. However, I have returned home with computer access and a head full of ponderation.

The details of my little “vacation” aren’t important. I could bore you by tossing around medical jargon like spina bifida, hydrocephalus, shunt, & pic line…but I shall refrain. To be honest I’m kind of tired of wallowing in all of that anyway. I just want to regain strength and get back into the routine of my mundane little life. It’s going to take some time to attain total normalcy, but each day is a little better and progress is made.

When one is confronted with issues that I have faced the past couple of months many things become clear…or atleast clearer. Truths emerge on a grand scale, but an appreciation for the small stuff occurs as well. Through the power of social media I was reminded almost daily that there are lots of folks dealing with problems & tragedies far worse than what I have been going thru. It is a humbling realization. There was a moment in the hospital when I was awaiting some sort of procedure and I thought about Jesus. I visualized Him being beaten and dragged thru the streets on the way to Calvary. In comparison what I was enduring didn’t seem so bad. Another time I thought about my old friend Rob who didn’t survive a motorcycle crash last year. One moment he was a happy guy with a cool job & a pretty girlfriend riding thru the streets of small town Alaska…the next moment he was gone. When I awoke from my latest surgery a few weeks ago my initial thought was that I am still alive and there must be a reason for that. I don’t know all the answers, but that’s part of the adventure, isn’t it??

At any rate, I am glad to be home and happy to be writing again. As I’ve said before, The Manofesto is part of my legacy and I must respect that. There is some cool stuff in the pipeline. No details, no promises…but I do happen to currently have an abundance of free time and motivation. Stay tuned. I’m back.

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