Introduction to My 100 Favorite Movies

Popcorn - 46/365

Some time ago I published a series of blogs at the old Manofesto about my Top 100 Movies. Since I’m here at this site now I have decided to revise the list ever so slightly and expose it to a whole new audience. My original plan was to only modify and redo the list about every 5 years thereby giving my tastes time to evolve, but this will be a onetime exception to that self imposed decree.


I will be doing things a little differently this time around. First of all, I am allowing myself no ties. There were about 120 movies on the original list. This time I am challenging myself to not cop out with ties. Secondly, I am allowing myself one cop out. There are a few occasions where you’ll see movie series or trilogies sharing one spot. I feel justified in doing so with the movies affected. And finally, rather than doing the list in 10 film increments, I will be doing it in 5. This will keep each entry shorter and more reader friendly, or maybe sometimes it’ll give me the freedom to be more verbose if I feel the inclination.


Just a little about my “process”…..
You’ll notice that this is a list of my 100 Favorite Movies. This is NOT a list of the 100 Greatest Films of all time. There’s a huge difference. I’m a diverse, eclectic guy. I like a little of everything. A lot depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to laugh and be goofy. Sometimes I‘m deep and introspective. My entertainment spectrum runs far and wide. I’m also a non-conformist. Just because some film critic says a movie is horrible doesn’t mean I might not enjoy it immensely, and just because the masses put a supposedly great work of art up on a pedestal doesn’t mean I will automatically think it’s worthy of my praise. Awards mean nothing to me either. How many Best Picture winners in the past 20 years have really been THAT good?? In my opinion less than half. One other consideration that carries considerable weight for me is time. I’m extremely wary and almost arrogantly dismissive of anyone who says their absolute favorite film is something that’s been produced in the past five years. Greatness takes time. I look at how well something has withstood the passage of the years.


We’ll begin with a short list of movies that I like but just didn’t make the final cut. Next time…same bat time, same bat channel.

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