A semi-regular attempt to address some of life’s minutiae that might otherwise be overlooked…..

As a society we frown on the concept of being abrupt. It is perceived as rude and I’m not here to dispute that. However, perhaps a little more abruptness in our lives would be…functional. When it’s time to leave how bout just leaving instead of lingering at the door or in the parking lot, saying goodbye only for the conversation to last a few more minutes necessitating another goodbye. Or what about what I call “false goodbyes” during a phone conversation?? You know what I mean…goodbyes are said only for a new topic to be introduced and the tedious yapping lasts another half hour. Just stop!! End it!! Be abrupt. Say goodbye and go. Hang up the damn phone. Life is too freakin’ short!!!!!

Most people don’t mind paying for a product or service if they feel like they are receiving good value. Even if there is a reasonable price increase the vast majority will understand and remain loyal to the brand, company, store, etc. But…the minute someone feels like they’re being screwed they will almost certainly bolt. It’s pretty simple really…treat customers fairly, do business with a high level of integrity, and don’t take advantage of anyone because there’s a good chance that plenty of viable options are available.

I love it when people post about controversial or moderately disputable topics on social media then when someone engages they say “I wasn’t looking for a debate”. Yes, yes you were. And that’s fine. Sadly we’ve lost the ability as a society to have intelligent, productive discussions, which is ironic given the fact that technology allows for it more than at anytime is history. For that reason I completely understand being hesitant to dive down the rabbit hole, only don’t tell me you weren’t looking for a debate. Trust me, I’ve been that guy. In posting such things one is seeking something, whether it is validation from those who agree with your perspective, or to start an argument with those who don’t. I had an old friend who did both. His posts were intentionally contentious on a daily basis because he craved the (positive & negative) attention. That’s okay too if it’s how you roll…just be intellectually honest about it. Those who enjoy that kind of thing will feed the monster, while others who don’t have the stomach for it will exit. I used to be the former, but these days (most of the time) I am the latter.

Ray Bradbury is my spirit animal…..

I don’t understand why certain people think their mundane stories are appropriate topics of conversation. Hey Bro, your life is even more monotonous & inconsequential than mine (and that’s saying something 😬)…I don’t need you to fill me in on the details for a freakin’ hour. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there is a scarcity of meaningful & enlightened interaction in my life, atleast the kind of deeply fulfilling connection I so deeply desire.

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