Points of Ponderation…..Episode 6.17

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Religion is a curious thing. I think we are all well aware of our own shortcomings as well as the flaws of others when it comes to living a sinless life, but I also think many of us oftentimes have the misguided notion that  people of a professed faith…Christianity especially…all believe in the same basic principles, whether they live up to the ideal standards or not. However, that is not the case. This isn’t necessarily a shock when it comes to certain social issues. You’ll find Christians on both sides of the debate when it comes to topics like abortion, gun control, euthanasia, & the death penalty. What I find surprising are “Christians” who don’t believe in the Holy Trinity, the Immaculate Conception, the unerring Word of God, or the divinity of Jesus Christ. Oh sure, you’ll find lots of folks all around the world that believe that Jesus was simply a wise prophet…sage, yet very human. But most of those people don’t call themselves Christians!! I can’t wrap my head around the concept of an alleged Christian not believing in the very ideas that define the faith. It’s like someone with no discernible talent calling themselves a singer just because it sounds cool. Of course we live in a society these days where even something as indisputable as gender can now be left to an individual to decide based on how they feel rather than what the scientific facts actually are, so I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked that anyone can call themselves a Christian despite not even believing in the bedrock foundations of Christianity. Such “believers” are quick to point out rampant hypocrisy within the church…divorce, addiction, racism, fornication…and they aren’t wrong. Temptation is inescapable and too often we fall prey to immoral instincts. However, is it any less hypocritical to “self-identify” as a Christian while casting aspersions on Christ’s virgin birth or a large chunk of The Bible?? Obviously in a free society individuals are permitted to believe or doubt whatever they choose, and that’s fantastic. I am simply suggesting a little more truth in advertising. If you can’t or won’t buy into the essence of what Christianity is then maybe you should find a more accurate way of describing who you are and what you actually believe in.




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I’m not sure there’s anything much prettier than a woman in a sun dress.

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We just finished celebrating Easter, but let me add a post-holiday thought. Since it is one of the two most important days of the year for Christians I find it a bit odd that the date of this annual “moveable feast” is decided in a rather pagan way. Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the paschal full moon that occurs on or soonest after March 21st. In other words, which Sunday we have Easter is determined by…moon phases. And yes, I am aware of some of the pagan related symbolism of Christmas, including late December originally being associated with the Roman festival Saturnalia (Jesus was most likely born in springtime). But atleast it has a fixed date, which is nice. Easter has its share of non-Christian symbolism (sorry Easter Bunny & Cadbury Crème Egg fans), but having the date revolve around the phases of the moon is just…odd. Suggestions for a fixed date (because we don’t know exactly when Jesus was resurrected either) have been made by various legislative bodies across the world, but nothing has ever been changed. Don’t get me wrong…this isn’t a dealbreaker. I love Easter (aka Resurrection Day) and celebrate it appropriately…I’m just thinking out loud.




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2 thoughts on “Points of Ponderation…..Episode 6.17

  1. There is a wide range of opinions regarding the dates for celebrating Christmas and Easter. The popular notion that Christmas was based around pagan celebrations has many historical problems, and some websites go into a lot of historical background to show that paganism had little influence on the date of Dec 25. I’ve read some alternate explanations, including a calculation based on the month that John the Baptist’s father was serving as High Priest and his wife Elizabeth conceived John, with Mary conceiving Jesus six months later, and giving birth 9 month later. Easter is said to be simply a Christianizing of the Passover, with Jesus serving as our “Passover Lamb,” so the date always revolves around Passover each year. Lots of stuff online… some more trustworthy than others.

    1. Yes, Easter is essentially Passover. Easter is the first Sunday after the paschal, or ecclesiastical, full moon falling on or after the spring equinox on March 21. It’s not something I’d make a huge deal out of…it just seems strange. I’ve always understood December 25th to be chosen as an attempt to Christianize Saturnalia. Again, not a huge deal, but interesting.

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