Points of Ponderation…..Episode 5.17

A semi-regular attempt to address some of life’s minutiae that might otherwise be overlooked…..




I have come to the conclusion that, despite ostensibly good intentions & genuine effort, and through no fault of his own, President Trump will never be able to fulfill his campaign pledge to make America great again. Not only is he dealing with influential opposition from Hollywood, a hostile media that has completely dropped the illusion of being unbiased, & unprecedented political obstructionism, but the simple fact is that what made America great in the first place was its people, a citizenry permeated with dignity, fortitude, patriotism, work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit, respect, common sense, & a belief in something bigger than the reflection in the mirror, and I don’t think that foundation is so rock solid anymore. Abraham Lincoln once said that no outside force would ever defeat our nation, that the United States could only be destroyed from within, and that is exactly what has been happening at a steady pace for atleast the past couple decades. God is welcome in fewer places every day. We promote the false notion that sexual orientation is biological but gender is a matter of choice. Christianity is allegedly corrupt but the religion connected to nearly all terrorism (including 9/11) is “peaceful”. Success and achievement are frowned upon as more & more people look to The Nanny State to support them. Drug abuse is rampant. The education system is flawed. Political correctness has soiled the landscape. Pandora’s Box has been open for awhile, and though I salute President Trump for trying to right the ship, the fact is that his detractors are going to fight him every inch of the way. Even if he scores a few victories here & there and makes a bit of progress I do not believe that a majority of Americans possess the intellect & wisdom to appreciate or take advantage of opportunities.  We may have more knowledge & awareness about more stuff than folks a century ago, but that doesn’t mean we are smarter. I wonder what ol’ Abe Lincoln would think about 21st century America??



Great information for those looking to eat healthier…..

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Though psychology is undoubtedly fascinating and an undeniably valid science, the truth is that regular folks don’t appreciate being psychoanalyzed by amateur enthusiasts of the subject. If you want to be a therapist then get up off your ass, go to school, & earn the right to judge people.



I’m just gonna leave this right here…..



I lost my mother 17 years ago. She was 52 years old. I was 26 at the time. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and wish that she was here to give me advice or even just to talk. Mom wasn’t a saint, and I certainly don’t claim that status. We disagreed & argued occasionally, and if I could remember specific words I said to her or details about times I was disrespectful I am sure I would be more aggrieved than I’ve already been all these years. However, overall she & I had a great relationship. I believe I was a good son, and I know I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. The bond we had and the void I have felt every moment since she has been gone is why I get so upset when others…especially grown adults…are abusive to their mother. I have zero tolerance for it. None. Parents & their offspring aren’t always going to get along. We all have the occasional bad day. But a pattern of contempt & abuse is inexcusable, and I have no desire to interact with those that treat their parents so horribly. My Mom used to say “give me my roses while I am living”. She had no patience with people who show up to a funeral home whining & crying over the loss of someone who they’d treated badly in life. She saw thru the insincerity & deception. They might not realize it now, but those who abuse their parents will one day suffer the same loss as so many of us have, and when that day comes they’ll either go on living their lives as if nothing has happened, thereby confirming their true evil, or they will be deeply saddened & remorseful with no possibility of a do-over. Neither potential outcome sounds very pleasant to me.





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