Person of the Month – March 2010

I am a big enough person to admit when I am wrong.

As faithful readers of The Manofesto know, I can sometimes be a bit cantankerous, and I am always very opinionated. For those things I do not apologize. However, sometimes my opinions are wrong, or atleast they evolve and change. Such is the case for our March Person of the Month.

I have made no secret of my political beliefs, and my own unique brand of rancor, when not directed at empty headed pseudo-celebrities, has been largely reserved for one man…a man who I have harshly and erroneously misjudged. That man is our President…MY President…maybe one day to be evaluated through the prism of history as one of our greatest statesmen. That man is Barack Obama.

Our political leaders have a tough job. Formerly one of the world’s foremost superpowers, our nation is now faced with the task of realizing our diminishing station amongst the crowd and assimilating into our proper place in the pecking order. Barack Obama understands this process and has spent his first year in office gently shepherding us into the beginning stages of settling into our new role. He understands that capitalism is an outdated relic in economics, that we must put aside the selfish desire for personal gain and achievement. He understands that Big Business’ need for increasing profits must be squashed. He understands that increasing the role of government in our lives is necessary for our collective happiness. Truly I have seen the light, and I am only sorry that it took so long.

Barack Obama understands that small minded Jesus Freaks must be put in their place, that Christianity is offensive. He understands that the role of God in our daily lives must be watered down so that we realize that our faith must be in the government. He understands that The Bible is a nice book of poetry and history embellished by flawed men to control the masses, but that things like abortion are a personal choice in which God (if one even exists) should have no say. He understands that all we really need is the government.

He understands that we all must eventually sacrifice modern convenience and progress to end the horrible plight that is climate change. He understands that our health care system is broken and that only the government can fix the problem. He understands that folks that have worked hard and achieved a certain level of success must give more back to society in the form of taxes that go to support those folks who choose not to work. He understands that The Constitution is a dangerous document that must be systematically torn apart. He understands that we have no business owning firearms. He understands that our military is evil and has done nothing but rape and pillage Third World countries. He understands that we must become a loyal subject of The United Nations and put aside illusions of grandeur.

Yes…Barack Obama understands, and finally so do I. I can be stubborn sometimes, but eventually I see the light. My biggest regret is that I failed to cast my vote in 2008 for the right man. It is certainly true that he didn’t need my vote, but I cheated myself out of the honor of voting for a great man in a historic election. I will not sleep as peacefully, eat as robustly, or laugh as heartily as possible until I have an opportunity to correct that mistake in 2012. However, I take a step in the right direction this very moment by naming this man…this leader of leaders and most brilliant of prophets…our March 2010 Person of the Month. God bless Barack Obama, and God bless America.

Oh… more thing…..




That brainless twit Barack Hussein Obama can suck it, kiss my a$$, eat $h!*, and die. And the same goes for Nancy Pelosi while I’m at it. Anyone who voted for these people are MORONS.

Thanks for playing *lol*


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