A State of The Manofesto Address

Back in April I took the step of moving The Manofesto from its birthplace on MySpace to this new home. It is sort of like when a child goes from their crib to a “big bed” or when a young adult moves out of their parents’ home into their first bachelor pad. In 9 months I’ve posted over 60 little pieces of me, things that I feel and think and believe. So I’m averaging about 6.5 posts per month or 1.5 posts per week. Not bad I suppose. But it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. I’d like to thank each and every person who has stopped by and checked things out. I have some very strong opinions, I like what I Iike and dislike what I dislike, my faith is strong, and I am not the least bit politically correct. I am fully aware that some may not see eye to eye with everything I say, but that’s fine. It is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. Several of my best friends and closest family members are people with whom I have had the most fervent debates on religion, politics, sports, social issues, and pop culture. So please continue coming back, and tell your friends and family. And do not hesitate to leave feedback. I am always interested to get the pulse of The Manoverse.

Looking ahead to 2010, many things will remain the same here, but I do have some fresh ideas. The Top 100 Movies series will conclude. Originally I thought I would be finished with it by the end of this year, but that just hasn’t happened. My series on The Fruits of the Spirit will resume, and I have other Bible based examinations in the pipeline too, including pieces on The Sermon on the Mount and The Full Armor of God. The Bookshelf will be getting some much needed attention. I know I’ve said that before, but I sincerely mean it this time. I read, I really do…I just need to write more on the books I’ve read. I am going to be taking a page out of Letterman’s book and doing some Top 10’s. Will it be daily?? Heck no. Weekly?? I don’t know. As I stated when I began this adventure, I’m not going to tie myself in knots with schedules and structure. I know I have made it clear I am no longer a big fan of Letterman, but I am also not above “borrowing” a good concept. I will also be reaching back into the not-so-distant past to revive one of my own inspirations, the Person of the Month (culminating in the Person of the Year). It was something I did in 2008 at the old site but didn’t do here this year.

My work schedule should…hopefully, possibly, maybe…be changing in such a way that will allow me more hours to dedicate toward writing, something I very much desire. I am not getting paid a dime to do this, and I have no idea if any significant amount of people read the things I write, but it is something I thoroughly enjoy and have a great deal of passion for.

God bless you and yours, God bless America, and praise to Him for all He does for me and this world.

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