Introducing The Hall of Influence

It is with great pleasure that I introduce a new feature here at The Manofesto. Every sport has its Hall of Fame. Some entities have a Hall of Shame. The Dallas Cowboys have their Ring of Honor. So why shouldn’t I get in on the action??


I am very specifically calling it the Hall of Influence for a reason. Inductees will be honored for a purpose. These will be people that have had an influence on me and my life. There have been numerous famous people in the course of history that have done many wonderful things, but a great many of those people and their deeds have had no meaningful impact on my life, so they will not be included here. Also not included in The Manofesto Hall of Influence, atleast not right now, are family and personal friends. I may revisit this at some point, but for now my feeling is that you wonderful readers would have no interest in reading about my parents or grandparents or the old folks in my church or the old college buddies that still mean alot to me. Maybe someday I will change my mind and be in the mood to write about my loved ones and won’t give a rat’s petoot if it is interesting to more than a half dozen people.


Traditionally organizations induct new members into their particular bastions of eternal renown once per year and have a bunch of rules and regulations about how those individuals are deemed worthy to make the cut. I have no such restrictive conventions. I may honor a bunch of folks, I may do just one or two. I may initiate them once a week, once a year, or anywhere in between. Assumptions should not be made that a person is more or less important than another person indicative of what order they were deemed worthy of my praise. In other words, let’s not get too spastic or neurotic about it, okay??


I hope that you enjoy my choices and if I mention someone that has also had a positive effect on your life that you will provide feedback.



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