Random Thoughts 11

Welcome back Bret Favre…I guess. I find it sad that he waffled so much that he became a punchline and turned people against him because of a perceived diva attitude. Now he’s back and no one outside of Minnesota gives a damn.

When someone mentions Uncle Jesse do you think Full House or do you think Dukes of Hazzard ??

If anyone out there has a pug and has considered joining a site called Pugs.com, do yourself a huge favor and skip it. The people who interact on that board on a regular basis are a bunch of arrogant, self righteous jackasses who won’t offer any real insight. Instead they’ll just act superior and belittle you with insulting replies to genuine questions.

I think Pete Rose should have his ban from baseball lifted only after his death, ensuring that his enshrinement into baseball’s Hall of Fame would be posthumous. That would permanently cast his story in a tragic light while still rightly recognizing on the field accomplishments.

The powers-that-be can classify it as a homicide if they wish, but the bottom line is that Michael Jackson’s death was the responsibility of one man…..Michael Jackson. Sure, he had more than a few enablers and sycophants who used and abused him, but at the end of the day he was a grown man who got himself hooked on painkillers and died because of that addiction.

I’m so tired of people who wallow in the victim mentality.

In case you’ve ever wondered,  no…a dirty house is not child abuse. It may be poor parenting, bad judgment, and a negative reflection on one’s values, but it is not abuse. Unless there are rats or roaches or something.

I’m no Plaxico Burress fan, but he got royally hosed by being sentenced to 2 years in prison for shooting himself.

The molten lava cakes from Domino’s are spectacular…..but you can find the same thing in your grocery store for a far more economic price.

While the death of Senator Edward Kennedy is sad just as anyone’s death is sad, thinking people will resist the urge to follow in lockstep with the drive-by media and put ol’ Teddy up on a pedestal. He was not only flawed like all human beings, but was more flawed than most. No one should ever forget that, no matter what the law officially declared, he was responsible for the tragic death of a woman 30 years ago, a crime for which his family’s money and power assured he’d never pay for.

To round out this sports heavy edition, my thoughts on Michael Vick: I’m not a fan…never have been, never will be. But that’s because he played for Virginia Tech and was a punk even then. As far as the dog fighting business…it was heinous, thug behavior that shouldn’t have been shocking to anyone who’d noticed the fact that Vick is indeed a punk. However, he has paid his debt to society. Everyone deserves a second chance. If being in prison and losing the great life he had humbled him in any way and forced him to reevaluate the meaning of his existence then that is a good thing and he needs to be given an opportunity to become that new man.

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