An Update For My Loyal Readers

Greetings readers, however many of you there actually are.


I wanted to post a small update about happenings here at The Manofesto. I haven’t written anything in a few weeks and thought it best to make my presence known.


I’m still here. However, occasionally I run into something that’s not quite writer’s block, not quite apathy, not quite laziness…’s kind of a hybrid cousin of those elements. I need to come up with a unique label for it (suggestions??). Whatever it is, I suffer from it occasionally. There’s really no logical explanation. My job isn’t all that energy consuming, and to be honest on slow days there I have time to write a little. Life outside the realm of work hasn’t suddenly gotten exciting, just the usual church activities and such. Sometimes the mood to write just doesn’t hit me for a few weeks.


There are some things in the pipeline, stuff that I’ve been working on but have not felt inspired to dive into head first. The 100 Favorite Movies series will continue. The Bookshelf is going to get some much deserved love soon, that’s a promise. Speaking of love, it will be the first of the Fruits of the Spirit that we examine more closely. I’ve also got in the back of my mind a thorough assessment of The Sermon On the Mount. Football season, both college and pro, will be upon us soon (never soon enough), so we’ll do a little something with that. So I’m not out of ideas by any stretch of the imagination, my brain just seems to be on hiatus. Maybe our brains become conditioned through 12 years of public school to kind of lay low during the summer?? I don’t know, but it’s an interesting thought.


At any rate, keep those comments coming, and if by chance you are new to The Manofesto take advantage of my malaise by getting caught up on what you’ve missed. As The Governator so famously said all those years ago…”I’ll be back”.

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