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I’m not a boycott kind of guy. Never have been, never will be. If I enjoy a product but decide to stop buying it because of some sort of sociopolitical brouhaha the only person I’m really hurting is myself. It takes a huge amount of people to impact a billion dollar company, and boycotts rarely reach that kind of fever pitch. Having said that, if you feel the need to switch to a new beer after Anheuser-Busch’s misguided decision to indulge the delusions of a dude who dresses up like a woman & has become a “social media star”, then by all means do so. Whatever floats your boat. Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, and a few other famous types have made their displeasure with the Bud Light folks known, and that’s cool. Personally, I can’t remember the last time I drank beer, and if I do decide to imbibe I think my palate has evolved anyway, so I don’t give a damn about the product. That being said, marketing execs really should know their audience, and the backlash Anheuser-Busch has received is well-deserved on multiple levels, especially for being completely out of touch with their core customer base.

Hey Bro…I’m just trying to watch the ball game, and you’re sitting here yapping about some freakin’ dog that’s not mine so I have zero reason to care. Please STFU 🙄.

If you make no effort to interact with me or show any level of interest then I will make the natural assumption that you’re not interested and treat you accordingly 🤷🏻‍♂️. Life isn’t a TV show or movie. I will NOT chase or beg ANYONE…platonic or romantic. I am used to being alone at this point and have neither the energy or inclination to play games. Funny how technology makes it easier than it’s ever been to maintain contact with people, yet I’m lonelier than I’ve ever been in my life.

In case you haven’t been paying attention (and no one would blame you if you stopped long ago), it has become crystal clear that the much ballyhooed January 6 (2021) “insurrection” was indeed a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the United States government. What may surprise many of you (but not all of us) is that it was a plot conceived & executed to perfection by leftist/Marxist Democrats, including people at the highest levels of our government, to end the perceived “threat” of President Donald Trump. The FBI is absolutely filthy…corrupt to its core. We are still waiting for the “smoking gun” that’ll nail congressional “leaders” like Nancy Pelosi and others to the wall, but it’s been rather obvious for awhile that they were part of the plan. Their faux outrage & righteous indignation, along with the ridiculous made-for-television hearings, have been a ploy all along, with the bought & paid for news media dutifully playing their part. Will the absolute pieces of human garbage responsible for all of this ever be held accountable?? Probably not, which is profoundly unfortunate.