HEROES & HEELS – February 2023

We’re back with another edition of H&H, in which we celebrate the good & call out the bad that we’ve witnessed in the past month. Though I am convinced that we’ll probably see some sort of big snowstorm in the next few weeks here in northcentral WV I’m thankful that we’ve made it to the end of February having enjoyed a good amount of sunshine & 60/70-ish degree days. If this is global warming…i.e. climate change…then I’m here for it with few complaints. Let us go forward into spring with renewed hope, vigor, and joy.

“President” Brandon Biden & Pete Booty-Keg

It was inevitable that China Joe, a strange mix of immoral & incompetent, would end up here. Though I am convinced that his elevator hasn’t reached the top floor in several years and he isn’t really in charge of anything, as long as he holds the title he must be held accountable for his administration’s ineptitude & stupidity, including filling positions of authority with unqualified idiots in the name of “equity”. On February 3 a train derailment in East Palestine, OH (20 miles south of Youngstown) left toxic chemicals to contaminate the water & soil and pollute the air. Two & a half weeks later Biden still hadn’t went to Ohio but instead spent Presidents’ Day in Ukraine hanging off Zelenskyy’s junk and giving away more of OUR money. As a matter of fact Biden STILL hasn’t been to East Palestine and has given no indication that he intends to do so. However, nearly three weeks after the incident Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg did show up in Ohio, about two & half weeks after he should’ve already been there. The citizens of East Palestine are showing signs of illness & their environment is demonstrably contaminated, but Biden clearly cares more about his Ukraine kickbacks than American citizens, while Mayor Pete (who absolutely got his position because of his sexual preference) is in way over his head and seems to be more concerned with identity politics than doing a job that he was unqualified for in the first place.

Natural Immunity

It has now been confirmed by legitimate sources that masks have always been useless against Covid-19 and that natural immunity from having had the virus is just as effective as the “vaccine” so many were forced into receiving, with the added benefit that natural immunity doesn’t cause mysterious heart ailments or lead to otherwise young & healthy people dropping dead. Those of us with common sense & critical thinking skills understood this a few years ago, but we were shunned, belittled, “fact” checked, and called conspiracy theorists.

Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is a weird dude. I don’t know the details of all of his issues with the Green Bay Packers, but it seems pretty obvious that the 39 year old quarterback and the team that he has played for since 2005 are heading for a divorce. However, before he can make any kind of big decisions AA-Rod recently had to embark on a “darkness retreat”, during which he spent nearly a week inside a cabin with no lights, no phones, no TVs, etc…just a pitch black isolation room, kind of like solitary confinement. Perhaps I am a bit old-fashioned and even somewhat obstinate, but what the hell kind of New Age BS is that?? 😂 There are undoubtedly lots of folks with real problems who might benefit from such tranquility, but a wealthy athlete believing he needs it is silly. The Packers need to trade him & be done with it.

Don Lemon

Lemon is another beneficiary of identity politics. A straight white male would’ve been fired long ago, but because Lemon is what he is he has gotten away with much more than others. A few weeks ago, after former South Carolina Governor & former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announced her 2024 Presidential bid, CNN’s Lemon opined that the 51 year old Haley “isn’t in her prime” because women are in their prime in their 20’s & 30’s. Okay, first of all, what does Don Lemon know about women?? Secondly, if Ambassador Haley isn’t in her prime then what the hell is the deal with the fossil in the White House and all the old geezers in Congress?? Their expiration dates came & went a long time ago.

Former President Donald Trump

Unlike Biden, who has yet to visit East Palestine, OH and probably never will, the allegedly evil former President went to Ohio and distributed cases of bottled water & other needed supplies. You know…what we used to call leadership. Look, I’ve never put Trump up on a pedestal and will never waste time trying, but it is undeniable that the train derailment makes the Biden Administration look incompetent & unsympathetic on multiple levels, while Trump actually did something positive. Was it a smart political move?? Probably, although that area of Ohio is known to be mostly conservative folks who voted for Trump in the past, so at most it might’ve been repaying a kindness. It certainly can’t be categorized as “buying” votes since those people are already considered Trump voters. Conversely, Biden’s no-show could be looked at thru the prism of him not giving a damn about those who aren’t useful to him. At any rate, the fact is that President Trump actually showed up no matter what the motivation may have been, and I’m sure the citizens of East Palestine appreciated his generosity.